The new NASCAR season is barely a pit stop away. Before we resume the high-octane excitement, here are some stats for you to peruse. These are the commercial statistics for the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, showing which network had the most ads, the least ads, and other stats you may find interesting. These were culminated from my Commercial Breakdown Reports for the 2015 season (you can browse through them individually at either this site, or under Jayski’s TV/Media page ).

One thing that has remained consistent in the years has provided these stats: the discomfort many NASCAR fans feel for the quantity and placement of commercials during races. How will the new season compare? Stay tuned!

NASCAR Sprint Cup 2015 Season Commercial Statistics

Total number of traditional commercials (not side-by-side) per network:

Fox/FS1 (19 races): 2119
NBC (20 races): 2418

Total for both networks: 4537

Total number of minutes of race broadcast to minutes of traditional commercial times per network:

Fox/FS1 (19 races): race = 52 hours 04 min. // commercial = 15 hours 12 min.) total: 67 hours 16 min
NBC (20 races): race = 56 hours 05 min. // commercial = 14 hours 38 min.) total: 70 hours 43 min.

Total for both networks: race = 108 hours 09 min. // commercial = 29 hours 50 min.

Total number of side-by-side commercials during race broadcasts per network:

Fox/FS1 (19 races): total: 84
NBC (20 races): total: 466

Total for both networks: 329

Total number of minutes of side-by-side commercials during race broadcasts per network

Fox/FS1 (19 races): total: 32 min.
NBC (20 races): total: 216 min.

Total for both networks: 248

Total number of brief promos of products/services during the race broadcast (including company logos ‘floating’ in corners of the screen):

Fox/FS1 (19 races): 1283 times
NBC (20 races): 1680 times

Total for both networks: 2963 times

Total number of minutes sponsors were seen on screen, either by logos, promos, etc.:

Fox/FS1 (19 races): 1 hour 20 min. 25 sec.
NBC (20 races): 1 hour 27 min. 03 sec.

Total for both networks: 2 hours 47 min. 28 sec.

Number of missed restarts per network:

Fox/FS1 (19 races): 1
NBC (20 races): 1

Total for both networks: 2

Number of ‘mystery cautions’:

Fox/FS1 (19 races): 13
NBC ( races): 10

Total for both networks: 23