JAW’s ‘HEARTRACERS / HEARTBREAKERS’ – Sprint Unlimited Edition

Date: 2-14-15

Racetrack: Daytona International Speedway

Pole Sitter: Paul Menard

Welcome to Joshua Walker’s ‘HeartRacers / HeartBreakers’. An avid racing fan, Joshua has decided to resurrect ‘HeartRacers/HeartBreakers’, a fun sort of racing critique from CawsnJaws.com’s past. Joshua ‘JAW’ will record his choices of the highlights of races, good and bad, and share them with our readers. He will do this for every Cup race, as well as selected races from other series. Joshua has also decided to include a section dedicated to Jeff Gordon, since this is the last year that this racing superstar will be racing full-time. Joshua hopes you enjoy reading his choices, and welcomes fan comments following his articles.


  • Matt Kenseth: Matt had not won a race since last year’s Duel race. Matt won the Unlimited. Matt had a bunch of wins in 2013 and essentially none in 2014. He still does not have a regulation Cup win since 2013, but this win can jolt him towards one.
  • Casey Mears: You might write off Casey Mears in a Sprint Cup race due to his ride, but the team he is with is continually heading in the right direction. They are becoming a threat. Casey finished strong in the Unlimited with a clean race.
  • Carl Edwards: Carl Edwards kept his car clean and helped his teammate, Matt Kenseth, win the Unlimited.
  • Joey Logano: Joey was possibly the fastest car in the race but he could not get to the front in the end. He finished well in the race and was a good pushing car.
  • Danica Patrick: Danica missed all of the wrecks and had a good top 10 finish in the race. She had a slow car but kept it clean and started the year off right.
  • Kyle Larson: After winning the Rolex 24 Kyle finished NASCAR’S first race in the top five. He did better than his teammate, Jamie McMurray.

Special Notes:

There were a lot more HeartBreakers in this race than there were HeartRacers due to the accidents. I did not report on all of the crashed cars just highlighted people for this article.


  • Brad Kesolowski: Brad was the only car to retire before the end of the first 25 laps due to a crash. He finished last and had the worst night of the 25 drivers.
  • Jamie McMurray: Jamie won the Rolex 24 and was fast in the Unlimited until he got turned into a crash. He finished well down in the order.
  • Paul Menard: Paul was the pole sitter for the race and got involved in the first multicar crash. He finished way lower than he was drawn to start. It would have meant more if he qualified for the pole rather than drawing it.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Dale Jr. did finish the race but his car got debris on the engine hurting it. He was slow the rest of the race and lost out on a win.
  • Kevin Harvick: Kevin also finished the race but he was run into the wall on the last lap preventing a top five finish.
  • Denny Hamlin: Denny was involved in the first wreck and lost out to his two Gibbs teammates.


  • Jeff Gordon finished the race.
  • Jeff had a strong car that got him to second at one point missing a lot of wrecks.


  • Jeff got involved in multiple wrecks slowing down his car.
  • Jeff kept restarting on the inside hurting his track position.