When you think of the name ‘Nikki’, you think ‘pop star’.

Nikki Krone always dreamed of being a pop star as a child. Maybe if she really were, she could arrange it so I could meet Hilary Duff.

Seriously, Nikki is a person that if you met her you would know that she is a serious NASCAR fan. One who writes articles about it and has interviewed famous NASCAR WC, Busch, CTS, ASA drivers; as well as two Speed Channel personalities (Bob Dillner and Rick Allen).

She is funny. I learned how funny she really is by reading her answers.

Nikki loves her niece, a nephew who hasn’t been born yet, and she especially loves her husband.

She is a great person to read about and she lives an interesting life. See if you think so, too.

Joshua Walker


The name “Nikki” sounds like a pop superstar. Would you qualify for that?

Funny you should say that. Growing up my dream was to become a “Pop Star”. Funny how reality kicks you in the rear when you get older!

Besides racing, what are some of your other hobbies?

Is there life outside of racing? I enjoy doing scrapbooking, but I usually scrapbook my racing pictures, so I guess that doesn’t count outside of racing… My biggest hobby would be traveling to Lincoln, NE (my hometown) and spending time with my family and friends. Of course, that includes spoiling my 16-month-old niece Addison (almost 17), and preparing to spoil my nephew Gavin when he is born in November.

Were any of your family members into sports, or interesting hobbies?

My mom, brother and Grandma are huge football fans. My brother played football in the midget league, Junior High, High School, one year in college and then for a semi-pro league in Lincoln a couple of years ago.

Have you ever had, or do you want to own a pet of some kind?

I had fish, a hamster, a cat and a dog, all deceased. I would LOVE to get a Bulldog—I think they are the sweetest—but they are a little too pricey for me right now. Plus, I think they are too big for the apartment.

Do you like cats or dogs better?

20 years ago, I would have said cats. But after owning one of each, as much as I love cats, I would have to go with dogs.

My favorite color is Bobby Labonte green. What is your favorite color?

Michael Waltrip Blue!

Do you want to have kids?

After watching my niece grow into a little person over the last 16 months, I would love to have kids sometime.

Some women don’t say their real age. I know yours. How old do you say you are to other people?

I tell them the truth. There is no shame in being 23.

Sometimes a good relationship starts when there is a bad first impression. I have seen it happen that way on my favorite Disney Channel shows. What do you think?

I think first impressions are important, but everyone deserves a second chance. Is that the right answer?

Please finish this statement: My childhood was: __________. Please explain.

Hmmm… My childhood was great. It was nothing special and that’s probably what was so great about it. My mom was basically a single mother, raising my brother and myself with a lot of help from my grandparents, who are like a second mother and father. We were always supported in whatever we wanted to do (whether it be my brother’s wanting to play in the NFL or me wanting to be a “Pop Star”) and knew that we were loved. I was very fortunate to have the people in my life that I did, and still do.

CAW says that you say that Addison is a very special little girl. Does your husband like her as much as you do?

Addison, my niece, is very special. It’s so funny to watch her at this age. Yes, my husband loves her as much as I do.

Who is her favorite driver?

(Shhh…don’t tell her dad—he would prefer she not like NASCAR). When Addie was about 7 months old my mom was babysitting her and she was sitting in her “saucer” in front of the TV when my mom was watching qualifying. She would glance up occasionally, but not really pay attention. Until…Bobby Labonte came up to qualify and my mom tells me she watched him the entire time he was on the track—the longest she kept her attention on anything on the TV—and as soon as he was done, she stopped and never looked again.

Does your mother feel sad that Kenny Wallace isn’t doing so well?

It doesn’t make her happy to see Kenny struggling, but like the driver himself, his fans are always able to keep their chins up. She’s the same way.

Why doesn’t your brother like NASCAR?

My brother is the football/basketball type, so he just has no interest in it.

Why doesn’t your father like NASCAR?

I do not know, you would have to ask him.

Do you have any good NASCAR collectibles?

Good to me, but I don’t know if anyone else would care. I have my autographed Michael Waltrip Daytona win car from his first victory, with replica signatures of everyone involved in the team. It’s featured prominently on my entertainment center. I also have an autographed Scott Riggs car and Elliott Sadler car that I got at Kansas last year.

Who do you like better: Brendan Gaughan or David Starr? If you had them fight for you, who would you want to win?

Hmmm… tough question because they are both really great. Do I have to choose? I love David Starr’s Texas accent…but Brendan is so much fun to be around, I guess, if I had to pick one, it would probably be Brendan.

Do you think Mark Martin will improve in the near future? How about a few years from now? Or do you think his battery has peaked?

I think Mark Martin is just having a bad year, but there are a lot of drivers that are, it seems. I think Mark has plenty of wins and even championships in his future and as long as he’s still having fun, I think (and hope) he’ll be around for a while!

Do they sell many Lincolns in Lincoln, NE?

Well, I don’t notice too many when I go home, so I’m going to say no.

What else do they do?

Route for the Huskers, that’s about it. Other than that, there is a whole lot going on in Lincoln, but it’s a great city. (Go HUSKERS!!)

Do you have to squint to go to Longview Community College?

I don’t think it’s a requirement, but I think it’s a plus when it comes to grade time

In 1993 when you graduated did they have computers like they do now?

Wow, that was so long ago, I don’t really remember. We had a computer lab in high school and we had computers in our typing class, but the internet was not available to us, that I remember. Hmmm…good question…

As a younger woman were you into sports?

I watched them, does that count? I watched football and basketball with my mom and brother. I played basketball in Junior High, but I stunk, so I got out.

I understand you have a “Camelot” music store. Do you have any of the following in yours: Camels, Camel cigarettes, or knights in shining armor?

Actually, it’s not Camelot anymore, I believe its “FYE”. Back when I worked there, the answer is no, no and I wish!

Is your husband King Arthur?

King? Not even close. My ex-boss’ first name was Arthur, though.

What do you do at your store and in your job in an average day?

Stocked merchandise, helped customers, rang up purchases—it was THAT exciting!! We did have “Deadeye Dick” in our store one time for an autograph session, back when “New Age Girl” (from Dumb and Dumber) was popular… but I think only about 15 people showed up for that—and look where they are now! ??? OK, that last part had nothing to do with your question, but it was the only thing “exciting” that ever happened there.

If I played your favorite tune on old man Kenner’s dental floss, what would it be?

Are you taking request? Wow, favorite song…

What does a secretary do for her crabby boss every day?

Type, file, type, file, type, file….

*Seriously, is he crabby?(

I actually work for a male and a female, and while they can have their days, I really do enjoy working for them.

What about a receptionist?

The receptionist usually has to deal with the crabby clients.

Did you ever feel bad when you back tracked, when you went to the new law firm?

Not at all. Sometimes you have step back to move forward. It was a totally different atmosphere here than my previous job, at a much smaller firm. I learned a whole bunch in my 10 months at the receptionist desk and now I’m back to where I would have been.

When you got back to your previous position did you wonder if you should be even higher after all that work? Sort of like a “Queen Vic-Lawyer”?

I would not want to be any higher, trust me!

Do you sometimes wish that your husband, Kevin, was really Kevin Harvick?

Not really, cause then I’d have to wear a fire suit and I don’t think it would flatter my figure!

Seriously, is your husband a good guy?

Yes, he is.

What got you into NASCAR?

My husband actually. A friend of his watched, so he started watching, so I was forced to watch, and then became a HUGE fan. He now has little to do with it, so I make up for that!

What got you into writing columns about it?

I have always loved to write and when I discovered racing I wanted a way to combine the two. I was fortunate to get turned on to Frontstretch.com and saw the ad for writers, sent an email expressing my interest, Ren was obviously desperate, and the rest is history!

Do you like interviewing drivers, or would you rather have a partner or someone else do it?

It’s a little nerve wracking at first, but I love it. The few drivers I have been fortunate enough to interview have been absolutely wonderful and easy to talk to.

Tell me about your job with Frontstretch.com. How much time does it take?

I usually spend much of my free time working on FS one way or another. Whether it be writing, researching, interviewing, etc.

What are all the tracks you visit?

I have been to Kansas Speedway, of course, and last year I also went to the fall race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. This year I have been to Texas Motor Speedway, Kansas, Gateway International Raceway (St. Louis) and I70 Speedway (local short track) outside of Kansas City for the ASA race.

Is your home life affected by your traveling to do interviews? Would you like to change that?

I would love to change that because right now I don’t really do any traveling for interviews. Most of my interviews have been done over the phone, with the exception being the ones I did at Kansas and Gateway, and what I will be doing at Kansas for the WC/BGN race and Texas for the CTS. I would love to have a job where I could travel!

If I ever meet Brendan Gaughan can I mention your name?

You can, but not sure what that would get you.

If you ever meet Bobby Labonte, would you please mention my name?

You can definitely mention my name, but you’ll get a blank stare.

If you ever meet Jeff Burton or Terry Labonte (CAW thinks he’ a hottie) would you please mention her name?

I’ll see what I can do.

I have a neurological disorder called Tourette Syndrome. I would like to send you some information about it. Is that OK?

Most definitely.