Do you want to meet a girl that’s as sweet as Colorado wild flowers?

When you’re at a racing message board learning about NASCAR it is nice to know someone who can be resourceful and kind to you. ‘Colorado NASCAR Fan’ is like that. She is always getting the important information that we need before anyone else.

She also has a great sense of humor.

After getting to know her you find that she is one of the nicest ladies in the world. She is good at posting good information fast and neatly.

Her personality is so great that she makes other people jealous (like CAW).

She is also excellent at games that we make up like our racing pick’ems. She’s also good at our NASCAR Scrambles (please check them out on the message board to see how she does). She has already won the 10’s game for the first half of the NASCAR season, and is leading the 8’s!

Lots of times she is one of the first ones to reply at our posts here.

When it comes down to it she is one of the best ‘internet people’ you could meet.

So if you want to learn about her then read her interview below.

Thanks for your patience in getting this, CNF.

Thanks again

Joshua Walker

What is life like in Colorado?

Colorado is a fun place to live. We’ve got the mountains and a lot of outdoor activities available to us. We’ve also got great football and hockey teams, Pikes Peak International Raceway and the largest 4th of July Rodeo in the country.

Ft. Collins? Where might I discover it?

Fort Collins is located about 45 miles south of the Wyoming/Colorado border west of I-25. We are a city of about 100,000 plus 25,000 college kids during the school year. Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University, which houses one of the top vet schools and vet hospitals in the country. We also have Horsetooth Reservoir, the Poudre River and Poudre Canyon, and are about 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. It has been named one of the best places to retire. The culture is very diverse with the University here.

Do you have to be in the military to live there?

Not any more. It was originally found as a military fort in 1864 and incorporated into a town in 1873. Here’s a link to the history of Fort Collins:

You have told me that your husband, Sheldn, works at a machine shop. My Dad does, too. What does Sheldn do? My Dad says that he pushes papers.

Sheldn actually runs a machine. He’s been there for 6 ½ years now. He just recently transferred to a new department so he is learning some new stuff.

Your Dad, Walt, works at that same machine shop. My Dad, Geary, works at a machine shop, and his name is spelled weird, too. And my Pap’s name is Walt. What do you think all that means?

I think it means we’ve got great families that are hard working!

I also understand your mother, Debbie, works at the same school district as you do. Do you think it’s a little crowded with all these family members working together?

Actually, it’s not. My mom and I work in different buildings so we don’t see each other every day. We talk every day usually, but try to avoid talking work – even though we usually ended up talking about something that is going on with the district.

What do you do at the school? CAW says that you are good with numbers. Do you work with numbers at the school? Do they grade you?

I don’t actually work in a school. I work for the Research & Development Center for the Advancement of Student Learning (aka the R&D Center.) We are a collaborative between the school district and Colorado State University. I am employed by the school district but do a lot of University stuff too.

We study the issues facing education today and how they are going to impact the schools. We also do a lot of work evaluating grants the district, the university and outside parties receive. We are currently working on projects that focus on State Mandated Testing and does it really work?, evaluating a grant that helps History teachers become better teachers, and a project that focuses on 4 elementary schools in Denver and their Early Childhood Education programs. We have a lot of other projects going on as well.

I do a lot of work entering survey results, keeping track of who is working on which project and general office stuff. All of this requires working with numbers. Some of our people are more number (quantitative) oriented and some are more word (qualitative) oriented.

Here is our website. Although, I’m not completely sure how up to date it is.
No grades involved…thank goodness!

Does reading and working with numbers a lot hurt your eyes?

Some. I actually wear glasses when I’m at work since I am on the computer all the time. I’m suppose to wear them at home but I don’t always. They help some.

What kind of stuff do you like to read? I don’t really like to read anything.

My favorite authors are John Grisham, Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. I did a lot of reading over the summer. But right now, I don’t have a lot of time because I am taking two classes this semester, Introduction to Business and Accounting Principles. They actually require quite a bit of reading and it puts me to sleep sometimes, so I read it at bedtime.

What sites do you visit when you are on your computer?

Well, the first site I generally visit is the Frontstretch. Then I checkout the Dale Jr. Pit Stop (, Jayski’s, NOL and That’s Racin’. From time to time, I’ll checkout Kevin Harvick’s website and a few other racing related ones. My classes are online, so I have to visit them daily, plus I check the news sites, locally the 9 News website ( and nationally, And if there is a trivia question is need of researching, Google is my friend! And of course, I have to check on my fantasy racing teams too. Although, I don’t seem to be doing very well with them. But this is my first year at trying this, so it doesn’t bother me. I also check out a couple wrestling related ones and my favorite soap opera’s website too.

Do you put a ‘man block’ on the TV?

No. Sheldn stays up late on the weekends because of his work schedule and we all know what kind of stuff is on TV at that time of night. If I blocked anything, he’d figure out how to block my favorite soap opera.

Does Sheldn visit the magazine rack at the grocery store? If so, he may be checking to make sure the naked girls lying on the hot rods are behaving.

Depends. Most of the time, we just walk on by, but if I’m looking at a book, he’ll check them out, or if he’s looking for a certain magazine like the WWE Divas or the SI Swimsuit issue, he’ll browse. After all, he is a red-blooded American. I’d think something was wrong with him if he didn’t want to check out the magazine racks.

Do you have enough time in private with Sheldn?

I think so. Generally, the only time we get together is the weekends, so we make the best of the time we’ve got. This weekend however, Taylor’s spending Saturday night at my mom & dad’s since it’s our 6th anniversary. So we get a little extra time together!

Is Taylor going to be a heartbreaker?

I think heartbreaker is going to be an understatement. I’m dreading her teenage years already, and I’ve still got 6 ½ years to go.

I understand your brother, Justin, is a Ward Burton fan and a plumber. Ask him if he’d like to be a plumber for Ward Burton, and let me know what he says.

I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him about these. But I’m sure he would. I think he and Ward would get along great as they both enjoy fishing and the outdoors.

Ask him what his worst plumbing experience was, if he doesn’t mind sharing.

He does new construction so his worst experiences usually involve mud. But, he likes to play in the mud so, I don’t know if it’s really a bad experience or not.

He’s finally through the apprentice stage and, after 3 attempts, finally succeeded in getting his Colorado Journeyman Plumbers license.

Do you feel bad that your birthstone is garnet, and not a priceless gem?

No. I like my birthstone. It’s easier to find real garnets these days than some of the other stones. I always check out the garnet counter at my favorite jewelry store when I go in.

Do you like fruits and vegetables? Which ones make you gag?

I love fruits and vegetables – my favorite fruits are Colorado grown Peaches, strawberries and raspberries, my favorite veggie would have to be anything fresh out of my mom & dad’s garden. The only thing I can’t stand is hominy and I’m not sure why.

I understand that you like the outdoors, including hunting and fishing. How long have you been hunting? What was the best thing you ever caught?

When I was growing up, we lived on 35 acres in the mountains west of Fort Collins, so I was able to learn how to shoot and hunt then. It’s been a while since I’ve been hunting but I did get a buck the first time I ever went deer hunting. The second year I went, I had a cow elk license. We went for the 2 days that I could go and didn’t get anything. I had a nice bull stand up in front of me first thing that weekend, but of course, I couldn’t shoot it. That was heart breaking!

Do you have any good hunting tips?

Just be patient, know your firearms before you go out, make sure some one knows where you are going and carry a GPS incase you get lost!

Have you caught a lot of fish? Do you have any good fish stories?

Lots of fish. Best fish story would have to have been when I was about 12 years old. We were up at North Michigan Reservoir in Gould. This lake has some large fish in it if you know where to find them. Well, I thought I had one of the large fish. I kept reeling and not getting anywhere with it. We knew there was a fish on the end of the line, we just couldn’t get it in. Finally, we got to it after a long time of reeling. Turned out it was about a 1 pound trout caught up in a large bed of moss. I think it had about 10 pounds of moss wrapped around it. I was so mad…I really wanted a large fish.

Everybody knows I like Bobby Labonte green. What is your favorite color?

Favorite color is dark blue but I’ll settle for Bud Red or GM Goodwrench Black any day.

Everybody also knows that you are a Dale, Jr. fan. What is it about him that makes you root for him?

First and foremost, I am a Dale Earnhardt fan. I was a fan of his for about 10 years before his death. I started following Dale Jr. when he moved into the Busch car because of who his dad was. It’s just been natural for me to continue to follow him. He’s young and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

What year are you guessing that he will be a Nextel Champion?

I’d love to see him win it this year but I think it’ll be next year or the following year.

If he races for twenty more years, how many championships do you think he will have earned?

I think he’ll win 2, maybe 3.

What do you think you will be doing in twenty years?

Twenty years…hmmm…good question…I don’t know. I hope Sheldn and I are retired and living on a lake somewhere! Seriously, I’ll probably be working still, maybe be a grandmother yikes by then. Hopefully I’ve got my associates degree finished and maybe am working on my Bachelors or even Masters.

What do you hope Taylor will be doing in twenty years?

I hope she has went to college and has a good job. Making enough money to support mom and dad’s retirement.

What do you think you will be doing twenty hours from the moment you read this question?

Twenty hours from now I will be at my mom & dad’s.

What were you doing when you were twenty years old, and were they good things?

When I was twenty, Taylor was a little over a year old. I was working for the plumbing company my brother works for as a secretary. For me, it wasn’t a good situation as the office was all family members, and being an outsider, I got treated differently. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it wouldn’t have been a small family business.

Sheldn was also working 2 jobs, which was very tough; we didn’t see each other much. It wasn’t that great of a situation but we survived it and things are much better now.

I will be graduating soon. What do you know now that you didn’t at twenty, that would help me with my future?

Being as I am only 4 years removed of being 20, that’s kind of hard to answer. But the little advice I do have is to follow your heart and your dream. And go to college. I wish I would have started sooner instead of delaying it like I did.

I always ask this question: May I send you some information about Tourette Syndrome, that you could read and learn about? If you think Taylor’s school district could use some information, too, we can send you some for them, too.

You can send some to me.