When I first started watching racing I thought that it would be tough to get a friend in NASCAR.

But that wasn’t true once I met Sue Scott. She puts a racing newsletter on the internet called, “Sue’s Racin’ News ‘n Views”. It is filled up with NASCAR news and links.

When I was feeling down and ready to quit, Sue was nice to me in a way I can’t explain.

She got me a personal contact with Jerry Nadeau. He sent me an autographed birthday greeting that is framed, and on our NASCAR wall in our family room.

She also is a great reporter, and she battles a disease every day.

She lists her views and shares her comedy which must be read at her internet site http://www.racinnews.com. 10,000 people read it. Actually if you to Sue’s site you will be making her happy enough to keep her alive longer.

She definitely deserves it. She should not have to worry at all. If you show her you are interested in what she does it will mean a lot and that means a lot to me.

She needs some money to help her keep her newsletter going. I would like anyone reading my interview to pledge $1 to her. She says that’s OK, and people can pay the dollar if they think her newsletter is worth it.

She is one of the dearest people I know. Her sense of humor is so good.

But remember she is very sick, so pray for her. I know I do.

Thanks, Sue, for taking your time to do this. I hope you enjoy this.

Joshua Walker


Are you a great bidder since you were born in Bidderford, Maine?

HeHeHe! No, I am proud to say I am an official Maniac (MAINEiac)!

I know you only lived there till you were four, but do you remember if you froze while living there? My Aunt Peggy lived in S. Portland for a while, and she said they sell snowshoes in the stores.

I lived in Portland and I remember very well opening the front door and the snow was higher than I stood! We spent many days tobogganing as a family.

After Maine, you lived and grew up in River Vale, New Jersey. Is New Jersey as bad as people say that it is?

NO! Sure if you drive down the NJ Turnpike it doesn’t look all that great but it is a great state to live and grow up in. I lived in the Northern part right next to NY State and close to NY City. You could see the NY Skyline from the top of our hill. We spent days up in the Mountains (Harriman) we would bike ride to Bear Mountain and a lot of our summer days were spent on the Jersey Shore. Bruce Springteen, Southside Johnny and the Chatterbox at Seaside Heights carry some of my fondest memories. My brother and I enjoyed a Norman Rockwell type life!

Is River Vale a giant veil with a river on it? Seriously, do you know why it was named that?

I honestly do not know where the name came from. I do know all the streets in my development were of Irish decent. I lived on the corner of Wicklow Way and Cobh Road.

I would like to ask you something about being adopted. Do you think you love your parents as much as a child who was not adopted?

YES! Sometimes I think it is even more of a LOVE. Because an adopted child is a “Chosen Child”. I grew up with these words on my bedroom wall:

Adoption Creed
Not Flesh of my Flesh
Not Bone of my Bone
Miraculously my own…
Never forget
For a single minute
You didn’t grow under my heart…
You grew IN it.

Now I am blessed to have Megan, she was adopted at birth and those same beautiful words now hang in her room J!

Do you think you had a good childhood?

It couldn’t have been better! My only regret is I wasn’t a better kid. I was rebellious and very troublesome, but my parents NEVER gave up on me!

Did your parents make you eat vegetables you didn’t like? What were they? Do you still not like them?

Yes, those meanies! Now I love most all veggies, I am not big on Okra and I can’t eat spinach!

How did you do in school as a child? Did you like it?

I did “okay”, but as I said I was very rebellious. My main concern was fun not grades. Looking back it really gets me mad at myself. I know I could have been a great Dr. but I did not know that when I was younger. I loved school, I had a lot of friends and we had to much fun. I wish I had less fun and better grades.

Were you ever bullied? Were the kids ever mean?

Sadly, I was one of the bullies. I did something’s I regret deeply.

You have told me that you attended a lot of sports events with your Dad, like baseball, football, and racing. When you were a teenager, did it embarrass you to do stuff with your Dad?

Oh not at all! I was so proud of my Dad. He was and always will be my biggest hero. At times Dad would let a friend or 2 tag along with us, but my fondest memories were just Dad and I. I remember coming back from Shea Stadium and our car overheated ON The George Washington Bridge. I was so scared but Dad handled it and we were soon on our way home. He was a great, great man. I miss him terribly.

Was your Mom interested in any of these sports?

Mom would go to some football games, but her heart is in College Football. Mom and Dad never missed the Army/Navy game at West Point. I was never allowed to go to that game, I think it ad something to do with the flasks and special Hot Drinks they brought with them! That was an adult outing with their friends.

How was the racing back then different than it is today?

It was completely different, we I was younger I went to drag racing mostly. But all racing seems to be more corporate and less fan friendly. Dad worked for Chevrolet for 33 years so I always rooted for Chevy Drivers.

Who would you say is your all-time favorite driver in motorsports?

That is probably the hardest question to answer. I always loved Richard Petty, but much to my Dads displeasure I started to grow a large fondness for MOPAR! I will always love Dale Earnhardt, I like Jeff Gordon. I have been in a quandary this season since Jerry Nadeau had that horrible wreck at Richmond this past May. Lately what I have been doing is watching the race and seeing whom I feel deserves the win that day and I root for them. I love to see the underdogs win!

I must add a non-driver — One of my favorite people involved with racing is and always will be Ken Squire, I miss his voice. He brought racing to every TV and we owe him a lot for that, but I just respect him very much as a person.

Who is the most famous person you’ve met in racing?

Oh, Ok maybe this is the hardest question …
Megan and I walking through the garage in Atlanta when she was just 4 years old and she say’s “Mommy There is Richard Petty”. That made me proud she remembered him from a brief meeting in Daytona. Meeting Bobby Allison the night that Davey was inducted into the hall of fame was an honor! We also meet Wendell Scott’s wife and kids and that was a very memorable moment. Jeff Gordon, an amazing human being. I have had a few meetings with him but the most memorable was when he signed a fans (Tom) wheelchair for him. We tried for over a year to arrange the meeting. Tom had some serious disabilities and it was hard to arrange a time that Tom and Jeff could be in the same place at the same time. But Jeff made the dream come true! I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of great folks involved with racing. Enjoying a News Years party while Jerry Nadeau sang for us was fun! But the most important people I feel are the crewmembers and the wife’s. They give up a lot and work Very hard to bring us racing!

Would you be comfortable saying who is the least favorite person you’ve met in racing?

I would have no problem saying who was my least favorite, but I Honestly do not have one.

At twenty, you said you moved to Palm Coast, FL. Does that mean you might have been a little bit naughty?

NO? My parents retired and moved to Fl and I tried to make it on my own in NY but it was too expensive and I really was not sure where I wanted to go with my life. OK and I missed my parents A LOT! So I moved back in with them!

I want to ask you about your husband. His name is David. Does he like his name as Dave, or David? Do you have a secret nickname for him?

Most people call him David and you can’t print what I call him! No I am kidding! I call him Dave or Daddy depending on the situation at the time.

You said that you saw him and it was love at first sight. Do you really believe in that? Some people don’t.

I REALLY Believe in love at first site! Dave came around the corner at the Hall of Fame in Talladega and my legs went weak! That was all I talked about until I meet him again in Tennessee a few days later. We married that year and he adopted Megan right after the wedding. So really Megan and I both feel in love “at first Sight”!

Just how much of a race fan is he, on a scale of 1-10? One is ‘hates racing’. And ten is ‘Does anything to see a race’.

Now Josh do you think I would marry anything less than a 10!?

Does he gamble or anything? I know some people addicted to gambling.

No, he really has no bad vices; he smokes a cigar every now and then that is it. He is a great husband, a super Dad, and since my Mom has moved in with us he is a great Son in Law!

Now I want to ask you about Megan. How old is she now?

Megan is 8; she will be 9 in January 2004.

Is she lots of fun?

Fun, uh um uh, well yes at times she can be a lot of fun! But she is 8 and in the middle of finding her owns self. She is becoming more independent. She is a very smart girl and she is also very pretty. She has a fantastic personality and is always laughing. Megan wants to sing for a living and I really think she will. God has gifted her with a beautiful singing voice. Look for her name in lights in about 10 years! Megan is extremely creative. She is my life.

Just how much of a race fan is she, on a scale of 1-10?

I would say a 5 right now, but as she grows up and finds out how much the boys like racing I think that might go up a little! Poor Megan has had NASCAR in her life since birth. I think she is sick of it right now. Barbie’s, her trampoline, her friends, bike riding and exploring the woods are much more important right now!

Everyone knows I like Bobby Labonte, and his green #18 car. And that green is my favorite color. What is your favorite color?

I have 3 favorite colors … Red, White and Blue!

I want to ask you about the disease that you have, Polycythemia. What is it? What happens? How did you find out that you had it?

Wow this could be a very long interview! I will try and make it very short. I had not been feeling well for several years. I had a hysterectomy and shortly after that I started passing out a lot. Sometimes 6 or 7 times a day. My gastro found something suspect in my blood and I was referred immediately to an excellent Oncologist. I was put in the hospital and they performed a Red Cell Mass test, which confirmed I had Polycythemia Vera Rubra. Simply put my Bone marrow produces Way to many Red Blood Cells so every couple of weeks I have to have blood drained off. I started to have major problems with this type of treatment so they put what they call a “Port A Cath” in my chest. It attaches to my heart and that is how they get blood out. My veins do not work anymore!

Did you ever think you were going to have a bad disease when you were grown up?


How much do you worry about your disease?

Daily, unfortunately. I also have a few other problems; my biggest is the Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. I sleep A LOT and my arm and legs go past numb, like they are dead.

Are they trying to find a cure for it?

Yes, Stem cell and bone marrow transplant are helpful for some.

How difficult is it for you to be sick, and to put out your newsletter? CAW says she loves your newsletter, and that’s where she gets all of her racing news. It must take a lot of your time?

I adore Caw, she is one of my favorite Angels J! At times it is impossible to do the newsletter, but doing it gives me great satisfaction and it also makes me feel useful and needed.

Does your husband, or Megan, do anything to help you with it?

Megan suffers when I get real sick, we see it in her attitude and her schoolwork. It breaks my heart. David tries to deal with it and he usually does well. My Mom moved up from Fl and lives with us in her own In-law apartment built onto the house. She helps A LOT. Drives me to all my appointments and cares for me during the day. She also has been a huge help with Megan and Dave. She makes life more normal for us. I thank God daily for having all 3 of them in my life. I also have bad feelings inside because my illnesses affect them so much.

Where can people go on the Internet to see it?


CAW says that you need people to help you with the cost of putting it out. And that you need some money since you can’t work right now. Do you mind if I ask anyone reading this to donate a dollar to you?

Only of they feel my newsletter is worth that dollar!

You were the first person related to NASCAR that was nice to me. I will never forget that. You had Jerry Nadeau send me an autographed birthday greeting that I have hanging on our NASCAR wall. I am glad that both you and Jerry are here, so that I can say thank you to both of you. How long have you known Jerry?

I met Jerry when he drove for Melling. Scooby got Kidnapped remember that!? I chat with his wife Jada on occasion and they are simply plain ole’ Great people.

If I ever visit N. Carolina, can I visit you?

I would be destroyed if you didn’t visit! I want a hug from you and Caw! You have both touch my life in ways that you will never know. But please know I will always love both of you.

I always ask this question: May I send you some information on Tourette syndrome for you to look at? If Megan’s school district would like some information about T.S., we can send you some for them, too.

You can send me anything! I would be happy to bring literature on Tourette to Megan’s school also. I think knowledge of Tourette and other syndrome’s that people suffer from is So very important. If people would learn about them they would understand and accept them more.

Special note from Sue to Josh:

Jaw (Josh) I do not care what you print from the above but I really want you to print this part ….

I have never meet Josh or his Mom. Many years ago his Mom emailed me and we have been in contact ever since. She is such a strong woman and I draw from her strength. She has pulled me through some very rough “Self pity” type times and I am sure she is not aware of it. I have a picture of Josh on my Monitor. He reminds me everyday that no matter how hard life can be you can always over come it. Caw has raised a son that is a strong as she. I am so glad that our paths have crosses and I look forward to the day I get that hug from both of you! It pleases me to see Josh’s interviews (Mike Joy et. al) and I think Frontstretch has done the fans a service of Bring Caw’s and Jaw’s (CawsnJaws.com) more exposure.

I am proud of you and Very Proud to know you!

Sue Scott

Hugs and Love
Racin’ News n Views Newsletter