If you read his friendly posts at racing message boards, you will think to yourself that he has to be a really nice guy.

When you keep on reading, you also find out that he knows a little bit about racing.

If you have ever wondered why ‘RacerGiant’ seems to know so much, I might be able to help you.

I knew that he was a member of a Winston West team, and was very happy when he agreed to tell me a little bit about it.

I enjoyed thinking of questions for him. If you have ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes as a jackman—a TALL jackman—then read on.

Please tell us your name, because everyone just knows you as ‘RacerGiant’? Please tell us your wife’s name, and the names of your children if you have any?

My name is David. My new wife’s name is Laura. I have 2 boys – David S. (1 and Nicholas E. (16)

For people that don’t know about you, I have to ask you first what team that you work with, in what series? What is your position on the team?

I crew for the #7 Gene Woods NASCAR Winston West Dodge Intrepid. I do many things on the team because of my experience but my “official” job is Jackman/Mechanic. Gene’s website is http://www.genewoods.com

Did you become a member of a pit crew because you liked racing, or did you learn to like racing because you got a job with a pit crew?

I got a job on the pitcrew because I love racing.

What other jobs have you had in racing (if any)?

I’ve done quite alot of other jobs in my relatively short racing career. I’ve been the Gasman for the #44 Bob Lyon Featherlite Southwest Series Monte Carlo. I’ve been rear tire carrier, mechanic, welder, fabricator etc. Further info can be seen at http://www.dcminnovations.com and click the “About Us” button on the left side of the page. This is my buddy’s web site. I work with him developing new and innovative tools for racing as well as doing some consulting work with various racing teams from various series such as the Busch series & Mechanicswear Speedtruck series down to the weekly racing series and the trach here in town.

Do you do any maintenance on your team’s car? Do you have any other responsibilities?

Yes, I do whatever maintenance on the car that they let me. I’ve done such seemingly small stuff as apply the contingency stickers to changing spark plugs to changing rear end pumpkins. The day to day stuff is done by others tho. The race garage is across the street from Fontana (about 90 mins away) so I don’t get to do a whole lot between races.

Does your job ever change, or switch to another position, for any reason?

Sometimes… I’m pretty versatile and adaptable. At the track each team member has a work list that they must complete – sometimes I help out others that are overloaded.

What kind of physical work-outs do you do to stay good at your job?

LOL – not enough…. If you met me in person you’d see why I say that. I’m trying tho…

Does your height make your job easier?

Oh yes…. When I was the gasman my height let me get a better angle on the fuel filler neck. Plus being this size made it easier to handle that 11 gallon fuel can. My height lets me change the sparkplugs easier when the car is on jackstands. I can lean over the fenders without leaning on them. This obviously saves the fenders from wear and tear. Being big helps when jacking the car too. I laugh when I see some of those smaller guys bouncing on the jackhandle trying to get their car up…

What is the one thing about your job that you wish you could change?

I wish I could find a full-time racing job that I could get paid for doing.

Do you ever think about joining other series in NASCAR?

I’ve bounced around in a few other series. Craftsman Trucks for 2 races, Featherlite Southwest Series (3 seasons), Mechanicswear Speedtrucks (1 season) , ARCA West coast trucks (2 seasons)

Do you have any trophies?

I don’t – but we’re coming together. Gene has been series champion in quite a few other series. From flat track racing motorcycles to monster trucks….

How much money is spent on tires for your team per week?

When we were at Phoenix for our opening race the officials only let us take 10 tires into the pits. We had 14 tires (4 tires were against the infield fence and we could only use them with NASCAR Official approval in case we had a blow out.) I think those tires are something like $130 each….

There has been talk about Toyota, and other car makes, joining NASCAR soon. Is there a make you’d really like to see come on board?

I’m happy with the models running now… It will be interesting to see how Toyota stacks up against the competition tho. I wish I was in the sport back when the Dodge Daytona Charger was running. Those 4 foot high rear spoilers still give me goose bumps when I see them.

We all know that fan-access is being restricted at tracks. What is the one thing that fans do that makes you upset?

I’m a fairly understanding guy…. I get worried sometimes when they are in their own worlds and get in the way when we are pushing the car to/from Tech. I’ve seen a few shoes get taken off.

What drivers have you met?

I’ve met Ricky Rudd 3 times – twice at Phoenix and once at Sears Point. I’ve met Jeff Green last fall at Phoenix when we were working with the #21 Busch car tire guy. I’ve seen quite a few of the drivers actually.

What ‘famous races’ have you been at?

Famous races… Hmmm…. Don’t know if they were famous… I told Ricky Rudd the first time I met him (at Phoenix the fall race before Dale Sr. passed away) to “Tear up the track”. That was the race he was leading most of the race and coming out of turn 4 he rear ended a lapped car. I felt pretty badly about that… LOL

What is your favorite race ever?

The Daytona race where Dale Sr. finally won.

Who’s the driver you would always be happy about winning, even if he beats your favorite driver?

Well, now that Dale Sr. is gone I’m happy if Ricky Rudd does well. Other drivers I’ve been happy with are Dale Jr., Mikey Waltrip (Mikey is tall too but not as tall as me.) & Kenny Wallace (He’s just as goofy in real life as he is on those Stacker2 commercials),

Do you work or participate in any other sports besides racing?

I throw Darts, play Softball, Bowl (is that a sport?) Rollerblade (yes, rollerblade) etc.

Finish this sentence: When I am home, you can most likely find me in the ______.

...you’ll most likely find me either looking for any kind of racing program on tv or messing around on my computer.

What’s the one TV show you always turn on, no matter what else is on?

Stargate SG-1 or racing.

Because you are tall, I have to ask you if you like to play basketball?

When people ask me if I play basketball because I’m tall – I usually answer with “Do you play miniature golf?” :-{)

I really like art. Do you like to do anything in art, like drawing or painting?

No – I’m not too artistic with paints and stuff… I do alot of stuff with computers tho. Besides building, upgrading and troubleshooting computers – I play with Adobe Photoshop and Paintshop Pro altering graphics for my buddy’s website. I play with “digi-cam’s” alot too.

What is your favorite color?

Black or Blue – I wear alot of Gray t-shirts tho.

What kind of trees do you have in your yard (if any)?

Well, there aren’t any “real” trees here in San Diego. Not what I consider real anyways. There are Eucalyptus trees in the yard of the condo area I live in as well as somekind of pine trees. Being from Michigan I’m used to trees like Sugar Maples, Oaks, Elms majestic tall white pines, etc.

I always like to ask about pets, because we have several different kinds. What pets do you like? Do you like cats or dogs better?

As a kid my parents had a small dog but as an adult I’ve had 3 cats and one dog (not all at the same time tho) and a bird. I prefer cats I guess….

What food did your mother make you eat when you were a kid that made you very unhappy?

I don’t think I remember anything that my Mom made that I didn’t like…. Maybe liver-n-onions… Now my ex-wife is another story… One time she boiled okra. That was extremely nasty… I recommend you DON’T do that…...

Finish this question: “If I could change one thing in my kitchen, it would be ____.”

to make it bigger… The floor space is only 3’x5’. but thats condo life for you…

What kind of car do you have? Do you like it? If not, what kind do you WISH you had?

I recently got a 2001 Ford Explorer and I like it alot (yes, I’m one of those SUV owning, terrorist supporters, I guess)
My dream car? A guy I know has a 2001 Dale Earnhardt edition Monte Carlo. Those are pretty sweet but my ultimate car has to be that 1971 Dodge Charger Daytona. 440 Hemi, 6 pack carb. 220 mph off the showroom with that wickedly tall rear wing…

Are you in the service? Do you have any friends or family members overseas in the war?

Yes – I’m currently finishing up my Navy career. I’ll retire on June 30th 2003 with 21 years, 3 months under my belt. Out of the 3 ships I’ve been stationed on 1 has been decommissioned but the other two are over there already (USS Constellation and USS Tarawa) I imagine there are some friends that are still on them that are over there. The bad thing about the military is that alot of time you loose touch with friends when you transfer.
My brother was in the Army but that was awhile ago.

What’s the one thing I haven’t asked you, that your answer to would really surprise the Frontstretch readers?

The Navy has taken me quite a few places in this world but there’s no place like home….
Also – the next time you see someone in military uniform, go up to them and thank them for their service to this fine country. Make them aware that their sacrifice has been worthwhile.
And – Take off yer damn hat when the national anthem is played – please? Thanks.
I guess I’m a big patriot at heart….

I always wrap my interviews up with these kinds of questions: May I send you some information about Tourette Syndrome so you could read about it, or share it with someone else? Where would I send it? Also, is there a school system in your area that I could send information to as well (so you could help the school’s staff learn about Tourette Syndrome)?

Hopefully you won’t take this the wrong way but, I think I’ll pass – thanks.