Circumstances in my life have caused me to become educated about areas of parenthood and children in general that many other people are unaware of. While there have been difficult times and extra responsibilities set before me, I am very grateful to have been chosen as one of the parents that God felt could handle it all.

I have belonged to several parent support groups for children with various disabilities, and now chair one myself for families that are touched by Tourette Syndrome. Through these groups, a previous job working with special families, attending a variety of conferences, and being at other areas of congregation for parents in similar situations, I have met many special children. It is my opinion that they are the stars that shine the brightest in the universe, and the ones that God keeps His closest eye on.

NASCAR racing is tailor-made for these special kids. For the sleepy-brained children with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) the action, the colors, and the constant motion is a perfect match. (Oh? You thought children with A.D.D. were hyperactive because they have excess energy? No, their brains are putting them to sleep and they must move and keep moving to stay awake… which is why stimulants are the prescribed medication for them.) For the kids that can't handle a lot of technical rules and regulations, what could be simpler than 'the fastest car wins'? For the kids with O.C.D. (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and who, for example, are preoccupied with a certain color, they are sure to take delight in at least one of the ultra-bright and flashy racecars.

Before I was bitten by the NASCAR bug, I ran into a special seven-year old boy with a large folding plastic case which held 1/64th diecast cars of every race driver that was current in Cup at that time. If you permitted him the time he would with great care tell you which driver belonged with what car, all 43 of them (and I gladly did so, despite back then my not knowing most of the names he mentioned). Although his Mother said that he had trouble with many other less complicated things in his life, this was one area that he was a charming expert.

This is but one small example of the many times I have seen young eyes light up like fire at the mention of the word 'NASCAR', or heard that the sport that we love so much has caused a child to have something to be excited about in an otherwise difficult and sometimes cruel world.