Recently my doctor sent me the results of some tests, as well as a prescription for a medicine to treat diabetes. As a 46 year old with this serious medical condition in her family this was not quite a surprise, but it was a little parcel of life I would have rather not had to open. But years of eating rather cavalierly while telling myself it was an acceptable vice since I do not smoke, drink, or take illegal drugs have reached an obvious conclusion, at least with my genetic background. I should have known better.

I may as well not only stick my neck out but bare it and draw a target on it and mention that the doctor also included a prescription for a cholesterol-lowering medicine. Now not only do I have to keep a strict dietary eye on my carbohydrates, but the fat and cholesterol content of everything that I eat. In the wee bit of research that I have done, the list of foods that I cannot eat is extremely extensive. However, I believe I am allowed to eat fat-free broth and sugar-free gelatin, in any amount that I want to. Joy, joy.

I am resentful and depressed, and walking around grumbling a lot. It gets me thinking: do you suppose Chad Knaus feels the same these days?

I mean, come on. He denies he knew the 'magic-lifting window' was going to hurt anything or that it was a 'no-no', but I said approximately the same thing to my doctor about what he called 'the big three'.

It went something like this: "What do you mean I need to strictly limit my intake of potatoes, rice, and pasta? They're mainstays of life for goodness sakes! What harm could such natural things have on my body?"

Do you suppose Chad said something like this to the NASCAR inspectors: "What do you mean the window is of an inch out of whack? It's a window for goodness sakes! What effect could one movable window have on aerodynamics?"

If he did say that, I am sure he got the same reaction from the inspectors and the men in the big white trailer as I got from my physician. This included an arched brow, a weary sigh, and a look that said, 'Are you in denial, or just more stupid than you look?'

Neither Chad nor I can get mad about reactions like that. This is the standard human reaction to people who are caught trying to bluff their way out of uncomfortable situations.

And before the Knaus fans send me some verbal medicine of their own, please know that I really like Chad Knaus. Why, not only did I vote him as one of the top 10 choices for a 'NASCAR Hotties Calendar', but I can really empathize with someone who tries to stretch the rules to make life more exciting and gets caught.

Want to join me in some fat-free broth while you're on vacation, Chad? Misery loves company.