I am a NASCAR trading card fanatic, and once I pulled a Kenny Wallace 2003 Wheels American Thunder Cool Threads Race-Used Fire Retardant Shirt card. For people who do not collect these kinds of cards, a small piece of the shirt (or sometimes a piece of sheet metal, lug nut, race flag, ball cap, or other racing item) is embedded in the card, making it a real collector item. I was really happy to get something that a favorite driver of mine once wore inside of a trading card that I could save in a binder.

In the year 2004, during the month of May, the last Busch race at Nazareth Speedway was held. Even though it really was not summer yet, the day was very hot and humid.

I got to spend a few minutes with Kenny Wallace, who was dressed in his firesuit and ready to race. He was very nice to all of the fans who surrounded him. When he spoke to me he gave me lots of eye contact and made me laugh. Even though his firesuit was wet with sweat, he did not seem to be bothered by the heat. It made me think about the trading card I had at home with a piece of his shirt in it, and I knew I would always think about that moment when I looked at the card.

Since 2004 Kenny Wallace has become a busier driver and racing announcer than ever. This year he has a full-time Busch ride, a part-time Busch ride, and also races on the dirt with his own car and team. NASCAR fans love his racing announcing and interviews, and he will also be having a talk show broadcasted from his home state of Missouri once a week. He is going to be very busy.

I was very lucky to be able to ask Kenny Wallace the following questions. I am glad that he was able to spend some time with me.

JAW: When you were in high school what posters did you have on your bedroom walls?

Kenny: A poster of Farrah Fawcett in a bikini and an Easy Rider poster of Peter Fonda on a Motorcycle.

JAW: Did you have a good high school friend that you wish you could see again?

Kenny: Yes, he is dead. He took the wrong road in life.

JAW: Was there a teacher that taught you the most interesting things, or was a favorite of yours?

Kenny: Yes, my science teacher, Art Kasey.

JAW: Who was the richest person in your hometown when you were growing up?

Kenny: Dave Mungenas, Dave Munganas Honda.

JAW: Who was the best political leader you ever voted for?

Kenny: President Ronald Reagan.

JAW: Do your daughters play video games? Do you beat them at games, or do they beat you?

Kenny: No, No, No.

JAW: What does your wife Kim have to nag you about?

Kenny: Driving too fast on the streets.

JAW: How is it living with a house full of women? Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Kenny: I love it! No.

JAW: What is one item that is always in your refrigerator?

Kenny: Pepsi or Coke.

JAW: My Dad sometimes eats sardines. Is there a food that you eat that makes your family sick when they see you eat it?

Kenny: No.

JAW: I will be graduating in May and I am thinking about becoming a chef. Do you ever cook anything fancy for your family or friends?

Kenny: Yes, scrambled eggs and toast. I love chefs.

JAW: If I saw you at a wedding reception what would you most likely be doing? If you dance, do you know how to polka?

Kenny: I would probably be dancing. I love to dance. I do not know how to do the polka. My wife Kim does. Her family is from St. Louis and Milwaukee and at all the family weddings, we have to have polkas.

JAW: What kind of car do you drive? What color is it?

Kenny: A black Dodge Ram.

JAW: Which one of these cars would you like to have the most: a Jaguar XJ220, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a pick up truck, or a cozy sedan?

Kenny: Ferrari.

JAW: When you’re lounging around your house or RV what do you wear?

Kenny: Jeans, T-shirt, and black socks.

JAW: I have a lot of pets and some of them are snakes. If I showed you one, would you think it was cool, or would you run screaming?

Kenny: I would run screaming.

JAW: As a racecar driver you probably have a lot of baseball caps. What one is your favorite?

Kenny: My St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat.

JAW: What type of coffee does your boss, Greg Pollex, drink?

Kenny: I don’t know

JAW: Does he ever holler at people? Would you get in trouble if you said ‘yes’?

Kenny: No, No.

JAW: Randy Cox, your crew chief, is younger than you by 10 years. Does that make it hard to listen to him?

Kenny: No.

JAW: Do you have any trouble understanding Michel Jourdain when he talks, since he has an accent? Does he have any trouble understanding you?

Kenny: No, no.

JAW: What was the best vendor food you ever ate at a racetrack?

Kenny: Corn dog.

JAW: What celebrity have you met that you were most excited to meet?

Kenny: Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, and Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cardinal player).

JAW: What was the craziest thing a fan ever did to you, or that you saw a fan do?

Kenny: Asked me to sign her underwear.

JAW: What was the sickest you ever were when you were racing?

Kenny: Atlanta; stomach ache.

JAW: Was there another race that was very difficult for you for any other reason?

Kenny: 1993 Daytona 500. Rusty wrecked.

JAW: I met you at Nazareth Speedway on the very last race there. Are you sad that this speedway is gone?

Kenny: No.

JAW: I saw a picture of your No. 36 dirt racing car, and that the St. Louis Cardinals were on the sides of it. Have you ever gotten to meet any of them?

Kenny: Yes, All of them.

JAW: Do you ever feel like driving a Formula 1 car?

Kenny: Yes, trying one out.

JAW: Of all of the NASCAR legends, who do you admire the most?

Kenny: Dale Earnhart, he helped me get where I am.

JAW: I know that if you needed parts for your car that you would get them at The AutoZone. Do you ever work on your personal car, or have you had enough of cars when you are not working?

Kenny: Never work on my personal cars.

JAW: I went to kennywallace.com and read about the ‘Cruise With Kenny’ that will happen in December. When you are on a cruise do you think about tidal waves, or getting sucked into the Bermuda Triangle?

Kenny: No I just have fun.

JAW: I ask this of every person that I interview: Is it ok for me to send you some information about Tourette Syndrome, as spreading awareness of this neurological disorder is something that is very important to me?

Kenny. Yes. Thanks for the questions.

And thank you, Kenny Wallace, for taking time to share your replies with me and the readers at cawsnjaws.com.