Late this evening, I was feeling more bored and withdrawn-from-racing than usual. I am not usually found perusing the historical or statistical sites of NASCAR racing, as my mind has never been able to easily grasp and hold onto such things. I only remember specific races and dates if they touch me in a personal way, and even then I can mix up the exact year, or whether it was a spring or fall race. But boredom can drive you to do certain things you would not otherwise.

I came across a stray fact, one that said, '1/3 of the adult population of the United States, or 75 million people, are NASCAR fans'. While I may have read this statistic someplace before, my mind latched on it with great interest this time.

I have in my past worked at an agency that was a non-profit one, and I became more aware of how donations to worthy organizations work. I also volunteer my time as a coordinator for a local Tourette Syndrome support group, and I know that were it not for The United Way it would be unlikely we would be in existence. So my life’s circumstances have given me a greater appreciation of what can happen when people donate whatever they can to worthy causes.

Therefore, when I saw the 75,000,000 NASCAR fans figure, it kick-started the entrepreneurial part of my mind. What if all of those NASCAR fans gave one dollar towards something? Something that was universally agreed upon that would be beneficial to the sport, would improve the sport, or support a cause that all NASCAR fans find meritable in some way?

The possibilities are endless. I imagine $75 million would put lights for night racing at a lot of speedways, or a retractable roof over some of them. What about the installation of SAFER barriers at the tracks that still don't have them? How about a nice fund for drivers who have been injured in the past, and are struggling to survive these days? Or focus the money at such things as head injuries, or burns? Not that I am inferring anyone in NASCAR could be addicted to drugs or alcohol, but what about creating a substance-abuse program? How many donations to the many causes that NASCAR fans support could be contributed to?

The longer I think about it, the more the ideas roll. Before I break out a tambourine and start to yell things and make the veins in my forehead stick out, please consider the reality of what I am suggesting.

What are your suggestions for the 'NASCAR Fan $75 Million Fund'? Who knows? Maybe the four quarters in the bottom of your purse or jacket pocket could pay for a dream.