During tonight's SPEED channel broadcast of testing highlights from Daytona, I turned to my son, Joshua, on no less than three occasions to ask him who was in the particular racecar on the screen. I said aloud as many times, "This is awful. I don't know which driver is in which car!"

For reasons I don't understand, Joshua left before the program was over, and I was left to ponder things myself.

When they were showing a just-for-testing charcoal-gray Dodge, I had to think, now, who is in that No. 22 again? Heaven knows I'll have Ward Burton in there until he retires or gets a new ride (whichever comes first); I don't adapt to change well at all. With little grinding of mental gears I quickly remember that Scott Wimmer was in there following Burton. But it isn't until I click on Jayski's Team/Driver Chart and scroll to No. 22 do I see Dave Blaney's name as the current driver. Yes! That's it! There are rumors that this car may not be a Dodge permanently, but that's for the owners (and perhaps a judge) to work out. I am having a hard enough time putting the right driver in it. And speaking of Scott Wimmer, I see that he will be moving to the No. 4 Aero Exhaust Chevy; however any No. 4 that I see will remind me of Kodak photography for years to come. I wonder if Wimmer has a nice Kodak camera. I guess it doesn't matter, because I know that he does have an exhaust system.

Clint Bowyer is in Blaney's vacated No. 07 seat, and doubtless he will be doing the obligatory 'enjoy your Jack Daniels, but only a little bit' disclaimers. Bowyer drove the No. 2 Chevy in the Busch Series, but with all due respect when I see a No. 2 I think of Nextel Cup and Rusty Wallace. But somehow now I have to think of Kurt Busch when I do that. How hard will that be? Probably as hard to remember that Busch's old ride in the No. 97 Ford is now Jamie McMurray's, in the form of a Sharpie No. 26 Ford. And since the last time I saw a No. 26 Geoffrey Bodine was driving it, this will make it all the more fun.

Is this as confusing to read as it is to write it?

I really don't think I should even attempt to report the story of the No. 91 that became the No. 10, with the No. 10 becoming the No. 14. This involves the drivers Bill Elliott, Scott Riggs, and Sterling Marlin, but my head hurts when I try to write it all out. I will just wish those drivers and teams all the luck in the world, and move on.

Now I can see Ken Schrader in a Little Debbies car (he made a great M&M's pitchman as well), but I just got used to associating No. 21 with Ricky Rudd, so that will take a little longer. Thank goodness Michael Waltrip took his NAPA sponsorship with him to the No. 55. Michael Waltrip has said the word 'NAPA' so many times it's deeply embedded in my brain as a connection to our favorite fluffy-haired driver, but I wonder how many times Michael himself will stumble over the word 'Dodge' with "Here's my No. 55 NAPA Chhhh..... Dodge." It's going to be the 'ccchhh... Dodge' at least a couple of times I would imagine.

There will be a new President of our country before I'll get used to seeing J.J. Yeley in the No. 18 Chevy, no matter what number of car he had in the Busch Series. If they keep that 'Interstate Batteries' zesty green color, he can rest assured that he will now be the easiest driver to spot on the track, instead of Bobby Labonte.

And, speaking of the newest driver of the No. 43 car, what NASCAR fan in this whole wide world isn't hoping for the best for Mr. Labonte and his team? I am so certain of this, that I will publicly state that if anyone shows up at a track wearing a 'I hope Labonte drives the No. 43 off of the planet forever' t-shirt would be quietly taken into the nearest woods, never to be seen or heard from again.

Yes, looking over this chart is a dizzying experience. Of course, once you hit upon Jeff Gordon's name for the No. 24 car, and you see the word 'lifetime' in the 'signed through' area, it does remind you that the game of 'musical rides and sponsors' is not played by everyone in NASCAR. Here's my cue to give a very respectful tip of my mental hat to Mr. Gordon.

And, yes, I will keep my print-out of Jayski's Team/Driver Chart close by my side for the next few months. I am sure its edges will be tattered and well-thumbed by the time I have gotten used to the changes (which is usually right before the next round of silly season madness, of course). Oh, and a nice supply of aspirin will help, too.